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The 10+ 1 properties with the highest starting value for sale at auction

At the top of the list of properties that are going for sale through an auction in the coming months and stand out because of their high first offer price based on market value, is the office building that once belonged to Panagiotis L. Ellinas 2010 Real Estate Anonymous Company. The first offer price for the property, located in the area of Maroussi and faces Himaras and Gravias streets has been set at €45.6 m. The office building consists of a basement and three floors of a total surface of 9.384 m² and is developed on a plot of 14.122.40 m². It is leased by the Hellenic Petroleum Group.
At the second highest starting price stands the unfinished building in Loutsa region, Koropi, intented to house the Eresino Oncology Therapy Center. The biddinγ starts at €24,4 m. The property includes a plot of 50812 sq.m.

In third and fourth places are properties that also belong to the L.P. Ellinas group in the past and also located in the Maroussi region.One starts at the price of €21,6 m and it is leased by EY. The second property, with a first offer price of € 21,035 m, is a building complex consisting of two separate three-storey office buildings with three basements, leased by the Fourlis Group and Bayer.

On the fifth place is a seaside plot in Lagonisi owned by Starlet Estate. On the plot there is a complex of unfinished houses. The selling price starts at €14.65 m.

Three hotels and two business premises come in the next places. The 5-star Kandia’s Castle Resort in Nafplio, the iconic building in Kantza, the 5-star Grande Mare Hotel Spa & Wellness, in Agios Stefanos Benitses, Corfu, the property that used to house the industrial facilities of the Hellenic Pipeworks.

The completely renovated, operating REX hotel, ranked tenth. It is developed in one of the most commercial streets in the center of Kalamata, and the first offer price is €5,401,419.

Original Source: Capital.gr

Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis

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