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MAVA-Renault’s iconic property becomes hypermarket Sklavenitis

The building that gave its name to the junction of the national road Athens- Lamia will become a Sklavenitis hyper market as of the upcoming autumn.

The property had come out on auction with Cepal Hellas as an accelerator last September and was awarded to Sklavenitis at the price of €11,2 m. The refurbishment of the building is currently in full swing.

A few months after its acquisition by Sklavenitis, the Central Architecture Council approved the study for “change of use of the existing car exhibition building with warehouses and parking spaces, into a supermarket building with children’s playground and restaurant.

The supermarket will be located on the ground floor and the first floor, the offices on the mezzanine, and the mechanical spaces and warehouse in the basement. In addition, an underground car park section and auxiliary spaces are added above the existing basement. Parking spaces are provided in the roof, basement, and surrounding area. For access to the roof and basement, new traffic ramps will be created for customers’ vehicles.

On the roof of the building a shadow will be constructed, and photovoltaic arrays will be installed, while low shrubs and aromatic plants will be planted in designated areas.

According to the company’s schedule, the total transformation will be completed at the end of the summer, with the opening scheduled for autumn.

Original Source: Newsauto.gr

Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis

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