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  • Transaction / Assets
    Hotel Lindian Village in Rhodes
  • Seller
    Svyriadis family
  • Buyer
    Zetland Capital
  • € MM

Lindian Village in Rhodes sold for over €27 m

The emblematic Lindian Village hotel in Rhodes was sold for over 27 m. The seller is the Svyriadis family and the buyer is Zetland Capital, a private equity firm based in London.

A preliminary contract has been drawn up, a significant part of the price has been paid in advance and the transfer will be completed by the beginning of 2022. Zetland Capital, led by a group of shareholders and executives led by Ahmed Hamdani and in which the Greek Stratis Limnios has a stake, is showing a growing interest in investing in hotels. They have recently acquired a hotel in Portugal and another one in Ireland and are discussing the acquisition of eleven hotels in Spain.

The hotel management will be taken over by a well-known Greek company in the region that has a significant hotel portfolio across Greece and a strong management team.

Original Source: Ered.gr

Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis

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