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Greece: Four hotels are for sale by banks

Probank, Alpha and Cerved Property Services are selling 4 hotels in Athens, Halkidiki and Laconia.

More specifically, PROBANK LEASING SA held a bidding for the former 2-star, 24-room, 43-bed hotel on 35 Tenedos Street and 7 Agia Zoni Street in Kipseli, Athens. The bidding was held on October 23 and the bid price started at EUR 820,000.

Alpha Astika Akinita puts up for sale a three-floor hotel of 798.91 sq.m. on a municipal road in Kato Glykovrisi Municipality of Evrata Lakonia. The hotel is located in the center of the village, near the main square and its church. It also has a 3-star hotel for sale totaling 2,755,10 sq.m. on the old road Nikiti – Nea Moudania, Gerakini Halkidiki.

Cerved Property Services has put up for sale a 3,000-square-foot hotel at 10,076 sq.mm land plot in Hanioti, Halkidiki. The complex has about 80 rooms, swimming pools and sports facilities.

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