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Former Esperia Hotel in Athens to be renamed to Leonardo Royal Esperia Palace

The former Esperia Hotel on Stadiou Street will operate under the name Leonardo Royal Esperia Palace Hotel Athens, as revealed by the website Leonardo Hotels & Resorts.

The Leonardo Royal Esperia Palace Hotel in Athens is a central urban retreat within walking distance from the Acropolis.

Leonardo Hotels Greece is a subsidiary of Leonardo Hotels & Resorts, an international chain owned by the Israeli investment group Fattal Hotels and ISSTA Lines. Leonardo Hotels operates more than 200 hotels in 18 countries in Europe and Israel.

Τhe former Esperia Hotel belongs to EFKA, a social security fung in Greece, and it was leased to the Fattal Hotels for a 30-year period with a 10-year extension, following an international restricted tender. The investment will contribute to EFKA € 1,150,000 annually, while a minimum of € 10,5 million will be invested in the conversion of the building into a 5-star hotel.

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