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retail-shopping-centers Market News: Greek Real Estate Intelligence

Thessaloniki: The Papageorgiou family acquired a commercial property in Tsimiski
An important deal in the real estate market of Thessaloniki was completed, with the purchase by the Papageorgiou family of a store at 75 Tsimiski street. The property is located at the most commercial part of Tsimiski Street and it was acquired by TEKTON AKEDA, a company of interests of the Papageorgiou family based in Siatista, which manages real estate. The Tsimiski deal was closed at a 7-figure price, as the property has a large ground floor, 240 sq.m., a basement of around 260 sq.m., and a loft of about 75 sq.m. Original Source: GRtimes.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
Trastor: Sale of commercial store in Piraeus
Trastor announced the sale of a commercial store in Piraeus on Kountouriotou, Sotiros Dios 29 and Praxitelous streets, with a total area of 332.53 sq.m. against a total price of €1.75 m The property was acquired in 2020. The sale is part of the Company's strategic divestment from specific properties, securing primarily significant capital gains for its shareholders, and is in line with the formation of the optimal real estate investment portfolio according to the economic cycle of the real estate market. Original Source: Euro2day.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
BriQ properties sold a retail shop in Rethymno for €1.3 m
BriQ Properties S.A. sold a 782.31 sq.m store in Rethymno Crete for the price of €1.35 m. The company will record in the current year profits from the sale of a property of €140,000, while it will include an amount of €168,000 in the profits to be distributed. Anna Apostolidou, Managing Director of BriQ Properties stated that this sale falls within the Company’s investment strategy, while it demonstrates BriQ Properties’ ability to invest in properties that, in addition to a satisfactory return, also offer goodwill to its shareholders. Original Source: Euro2day.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis