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residential Assets News: Greek Real Estate Intelligence

A property part of Athens' cultural heritage was sold through an online auction
The home-studio and later museum of the late painter Spyros Vassiliou went up for auction with a first bid price of €533,831 and after successive "hits" it was awarded at €936,000. The property is a horizontal maisonette, right next to the Acropolis and the foot of Filopappou hill. The property is only 100 meters from the pedestrian street of Dionysios Areopagitou, at the height of Herodeion, 50 meters from the restaurant "Dionysos Zonars" and its location is considered "advantageous in terms of proximity to the most famous archaeological sites of Athens". Original Source: NewMoney.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
Hydra: Iconic property on Hydra Island acquired by businessman Vassilis Katsos
The iconic Hydra property was awarded at €2.761,000. The new owner is reportedly businessman Vasilis Katsos, former owner of Pharmathen and the main shareholder of VNK Capital. The electronic auction for the property started at €2.055.000 and was completed at €2.76 m. It is one of the most special properties of the cosmopolitan island as it grows on a hill “viewing” the whole port and the seaside center of Hydra. The plot, of an area of 363,14 sq.m., is located in the area of Kavos and the house, during its initial phase consisted of six main rooms and other necessities, with a surface area of 230.22 sq.m., with an auxiliary area of 69.50 sq.m. Original Source: Newmoney.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
George Prokopiou acquired the property of Eugenios Tigas in Lagonissi, Attica
The property is one of the most emblematic ones of the Athenian Riviera, which was in fact intended for a foreign investor. George Prokopiou doubled the bid that put the property up for auction and from 15 million euros which was the starting price, it was awarded for 30.5 million euros. George Prokopiou is one of the largest property owners in the entire Mediterranean. He owns has emblematic properties in France, Italy and Greece. The filet of 20 acres in Saronida was put up for auction, with the initial purpose of finding a foreign buyer, since it was characterized as "difficult to market, as it is addressed to a specialized audience". On the plot of 19.7 acres there are three independent unfinished buildings of about 2,000 sq.m. The first building consists of a basement of 115 sq.m., ground floor of 150 sq.m. with fireplace and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The second consists of a ground floor of 912 sq.m. and basement 331 sq.m. and includes four apartments with fireplace, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and dressing rooms and two maisonettes. Original Source: mononews.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis