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offices Market News: Greek Real Estate Intelligence

AEGEK sold offices in Thessaloniki
AEGEK sold an office space it in a multi-storey building in Thessaloniki, to the company Bechtinar, for €1.5 m. The building is located on the 26th October street in Western Thessaloniki, opposite the historic (and preserved) industrial complex of FIX Brewery where DIMAND- through OURANIA Investment, proceeds to the construction in the area of the first large-scale bioclimatic workplace called Hub 26. The area of the Western Entrance of the city presents enormous dynamic and significant investment opportunities, as it has large plots, suitable for modern professional complexes, however, remains for many years quite untapped. More specifically, AEGEK sold 7 offices the exclusive use rights over the above horizontal properties, and the right to the high-rise building located in Thessaloniki and on 26th October and Limnos Street. Original Source: eRed.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis  
Prodea Investments acquired office building in Maroussi, Attica
Prodea Investments REIC acquired an office building in Maroussi, Attica for €35 m. The building is leased by EY. The office building was a property of the businessman Loukas Ellinas and was awarded to Prodea through free sale in the context of enforcement proceedings (by doValue). This is one of the three major office buildings in Maroussi put on the market by doValue. The second building of a total area of 16.795 m², which is leased by Fourlis and Bayer, was acquired by Trastor REIC for €27 m. The third building houses Hellenic Petroleum and reports say it coming to the company’s possession. Original Source: Naftemporiki.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
NBG launches RE portfolio for sale
NBG launches a portfolio of properties worth approximately €100 m for sale in the context of the utilization of the group's real estate, which numbers over 4,000 properties. Deloitte has been appointed as a consultant and the goal is for the process to open in the third quarter of the year and be completed at the beginning of next year. The portfolio consists of residential and commercial real estate, and based on what is stated in the annual financial report, it includes the majority of 360 properties in the historical portfolio of the bank worth about €110 m, which have been included in the REO portfolio for divestment. In 2021, the group's total sales amounted to 393 properties worth approximately €124 m, of which properties worth approximately €52 m were sold through the bank's portal through online tenders or through the "buy now" process. Original Source: Kathimerini.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis