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industrial Market News: Greek Real Estate Intelligence

Trastor REIC acquired a logistics centre for €6.9 m
Trastor further expands its footprint in the logistics sector with a new acquisition in Aspropyrgos area. The company announced the acquisition of a newly built "state-of-the-art" logistics centre located in the area of “Dyo Pefka” in Aspropyrgos. The asset consists of 11,634 sqm, and it is fully let. The acquisition price is €6,900,000 and it was financed by funds raised from the Share Capital Increase completed in June 2020 and by available cash. Original Source: Euro2day.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
Cyprus: REMU announced the sale of 4 villas for €2.23 m
REMU, the Real Estate Management Unit of the Bank of Cyprus, announced that this year, it has sold four villas in Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca with a total revenue of €2.23 m. The first villa is located in Lakatamia. It is a 4-bedroom house, and it was sold for € 535,000. The property is located on Andromedas Street in Lakatamia. It has an area of ​​344 sqm and a large garden, pool and a basement of 125 sqm. The second property is a 3 bedroom house in Pyla and it was sold or  € 540,000. It is located in the complex "Larnaca Bay". It has an area of ​​110 sq.m. with a large pool and is built on a plot of 410 sqm The third property is a 2-bedroom jouse in Kouklia and it was sold for € 565,000.  It is built in the complex ‘Theseus Village’, at the Aphrodite Hills Resort. It has a swimming pool and a total area of ​​127 sq.m. The fourth property is a 3-bedroom house in Pyla, which was sold for € 590,000. It has an area of ​​144 sqm and is located on a plot of 420 sqm at the complex "Larnaca Bay" in Pyla. It has a large garden and pool. Original Source: Philenews.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
Ektasis development properties under special administration raise nearly €52 m
The special administration of Ektasis Development and the auction of the company’s 15 properties have raised nearly €52 m. The results coming from the initial bids confirmed that Kodak's property in Maroussi would attract the highest interest. The Brook Lane Capital-Noval consortium submitted the highest bid for the property with €28.6 m. Dimand followed with 25.2 m, and Mytilineos offered about €21 m for the same property. AB Vassilopoulos submitted the highest bids for two of the four properties it leases from Ektasis. More specifically, it submitted a bid of about €4.6 m for the property in Agios Dimitrios and about €1 m for the property in Vrilissia. The property in Agios Dimitrios includes a two-storey store of 1,527 sqm, while it has 59 parking spaces in the two basements as well as auxiliary/common areas of 635 sqm. The property occupies about half of the available plot and therefore more can be built in the remaining part of the plot, like a building of 1,686.51 sqm. For the store rented by AB Vassilopoulos in Heraklion, Crete, the bidder was a local company, and for the property of Kifissia, which is controlled by 20% by Ektasis and also hosts a store of AB Vassilopoulos, the bidder is reportedly Atlanta. Ten Brinke was declared the highest bidder for two properties with bids of €4 and €3.6 m respectively, while Unifarma pharmaceutical company placed the highest bid for the plot at the Kalyftaki junction, at €2.6 m. Original Source: Euro2day.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis