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industrial Market News: Greek Real Estate Intelligence

Plaisio buys plot of land with warehouse in Magoula
The management of Plaisio chain invests in warehouses seeing how online sales have picked up during the pandemic. Thus, after investments of €38 m for warehouses and the acquisition of an e-commerce management platform in 2019, it proceeds with the acquisition of a plot of land and a building, which is adjacent to its facilities in Magoula. The new investment, amounting to €2.9 m, concerns the acquisition of a plot of land owned by the company Akritas, with an area of ​​16ooo sqm, with a warhouse  of ​​6,300 sqm. Original Source: News24.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
New properties included in the Premia Properties portfolio
Premia Properties, of the Greek-Swedish businessman Ilias Georgiadis, enters a new trajectory of dynamic growth, with the new share capital increase of the company up to 75 million euros, through a contribution to it of new real estate and cash. In total, the contribution of the new share capital increase will be real estate worth €27.5 m and cash up to 47.5 m. The new funds will be used both to strengthen the investment portfolio and finance new investments as well as to expand the company's share base. S ix of the seven properties will be contributed by Sterner Stenhus Greece AB, owned by Elias Georgiadis, and one property by Elias Tsiklos Holdings Ltd. The properties are:
  1. Logistics warehouse buildings, with a total area of ​​11,982.05 sq.m., in the location "Dyo Pefka", in Aspropyrgos, Attica, (valued at € 15,212,072).
  2. Warehouse logistics in Aspropyrgos, Attica (valued at € 4,276,010).
  3. Logistics warehouse buildings, with a total area of ​​15,664.30 sq.m., in Mandra, Attica. The property was valued at € 6,384,157.
  4. Logistics warehouses, with a total area of ​​25,724.78 sq.m., at the 1st km of the Sindou-Chalastra Provincial Road. The property was valued at € 14,821,000.
  5. Logistics warehouses, surface 10,148.82 sq.m. in the Municipality of Elefsina, Attica (valued at € 6,670,000)
  6. Store of 1,374.35 sq.m., in the Municipality of Katerini The property was valued at € 2,204,000.
  7. Commercial store, ground floor building with an area with the addition of ground floor buildings and basement surface at the 7th km Kalamata-Tripoli. The property was valued at € 4,908,000.
Original Source: Bizness.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis
New investments in logistics centers by the Orphee Beinoglou group
The Orphee Beinoglou group launches new investments in logistics centers. The Group recently inaugurated the Orphee Beinoglou Logistics Park, with a total area of ​​45,000 sq.m., which was built by Ten Brinke. The Orphee Beinoglou group manages 8 Logistics and Transportation Hubs in Greece, with a total area of ​​140,000 sq.m. It has a presence in Attica, Thessaloniki and Patras. In total, the Veinoglou group, under the name Orphee Beinoglou - Orbit - Orbit Group, has a presence in Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia, and exceeds 180,000 square meters in logistics services and 1,200 staff. 80% of the facilities managed by the group are privately owned, after investments in specialized logistics properties. With the inauguration of Orphee Beinoglou Logistics Park, the group completed its 2-year investment program, however, given the growing demand for logistics and courier services, it is launching new projects. In this context, it is considering the creation of a new logistics center of 25,000 sq.m. to meet the needs of online sales companies. Original Source: Euro2day.gr Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis