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Eurobank: The FPS deal has been completed

With the official takeover of FPS management at the beginning of April, Eurobank’s agreement with DoValue to service the Group’s bad loans will be formally completed.

Both Eurobank’s Theodoros Kalantonis and Anastasios Panousis are set to resign next week to assume their duties at FPS as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer respectively on April 6.

Both the formal and the legal part of the agreement have already been completed, and the doValue and FPS administrations are now working to complete the last remaining outstanding tasks and to increase their operations. It is also noteworthy that the transfer of the necessary staff for the operation of FPS by Eurobank was completed in a very short time and with great interest and involvement on the part of the employees.

Days before the announcement of Eurobank’s financial results for 2019, the Group CEO, Fokion Karavias informed analysts that the Cairo transaction and cooperation with doValue are proceeding normally without any impact or disruption of the coronavirus.

Original Source: News247

Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis

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