Servicing Platform Analysis Q1 2014
18 pages

Quarterly Servicing Platform analysis focused on residential properties, concerning the whole market and each servicer including Sareb and developer. This report offers a complete vision of Spanish Real Estate Market in the first quarter of 2014, analyzed from different approaches.

–  Our view of the market
–  Who is the leading servicing company on listed assets? How is the market share evolving? How this market share is being affected by the recent transactions (BMN by Cerberus)?
–  How many units or volumes has each top servicer?
–  What type of product list each servicer? What is the market share by type of product?
–  Who has larger portfolio units of SAREB for sale?  Who has a developer sales strategy?
–  How is the residential market distributed by type of house, new vs used, sqm or price ranges..
–  What are the market shares by province or by top cities?
–  And many more


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