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Press Release.- Brexit: impact on the Spanish residential market – July 2016

The effects of Brexit on Spanish residential demand and prices will be local, concerning towns and tourist areas with a high concentration of British residents and travellers. The national impact would be marginal. Following, a quantification of demand and prices decrease in municipalities, tourist regions and in the whole country.

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Servicing Platform Analysis – June 2014 

–  Which is the leading servicing company in asset listings?
– How is this market share being impacted by the recent transactions?
–  Who trades the largest portfolio parts of SAREB?  Who has a developer sales strategy?
–  How is the residential market distributed by province, city, type of house, new vs existing, sqm or price ranges..

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Report on Main Cities: Madrid – July 2014

– What is the housing stock for sale or rent in Madrid? How many are REO? How many are new developments vs existing? Flats vs. houses?
– How does pricing perform among the top cities in Spain? What are the differences between districts?
– How does renting yield compare in each district? How is this yield changing?
– What type of assets are listed? What size? What price bucket?

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REO Market Report – May 2014 

-How has the REO maket been performing over the last years?
-What is the predominant asset type? Do the residential properties represent the biggest part of the value?
-Which entity holds the largest market share? How many assets are new / preowned in each entity?
-What are the asking prices of entities? Are they similar? Which has the highest prices by property type?
-How are REO residential assets distributed over provinces and the top cities?

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PORTADA demand ingles-WEB
Spanish RE Demand Is Back – February 2014

The demand for multifamily housing in Spain shows a clear, growing tendency. Searches for flats peaked in mid 2006, and then stabilized at a low point at the end of 2010. During the last 9 months searches have begun to increase, a trend that could indicate an upsurge in transactions this year followed by price stabilization in a pattern similar to what took place in the U.S. and Irish markets…

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Coming Soon

Portada REPORT Sareb MARZO 2013
Sareb – To be published

 – How many assets is SAREB listing through the different servicers? What volume? How is this changing?
– What types of assets does SAREB own? What size or pricing? How does this compare with the market?
– Where are the assets located? What market share does the bad bank hold in each province or in the top markets? Are there any pricing differences if compared with the banks portfolios?  


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