Renta Corporación Approves Convention Proposal With Three Payment Options

31/01/2014 – Expansion

According to the news brought about by the CNMV today, the joint convention has been allowed to enter the procedures by the Court number 9 in Barcelona, on 29th of January.

The convention establishes three alternative ways of payment in respect to the ordinary and subordinate credits.

The first alternative presents a proposal on gradual removal of the credit amount and a payment with growing annual quotes up to 8 years time.

The ´B´option consists of a conversion of Renta Corporación Real Estate SA (RCSA)´s credit into assets, keeping the debt as a participatory debt.

The loans embraced in the third alternative will be converted into participatory debts or maintained in the said nature and will be met when they are integrally met in total of the obligations assumed by the creditors affected by the previous alternatives.

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Bankia to Give Liquidity to Its Real Estate Shareholders in February

31/01/2014 – Expansion

According to the information provided today by the CNMV (the National Stock Market Commission), awaiting the final decision aiming at facilitating the leave to the shareholders in the operation, the entity will open a liquidity window for them in February.

During this month, the investors will not have to pay either the commission, or the discount to collect their investment and, if that is not done now, they will be able to recover the money when they ask for it. (…).

Current patrimony of Bankia Inmobiliario FII is worth €291 million, 98.03% of which is held by Bankia, and the remaining 1.97% belongs to 898 other shareholders. Each one invests €6.000 and altogether bring about €5.7 million.

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H&M Launches New Homeware Line in Tarragona

31/01/2014 – Expansion

On the 27th of Febuary, fashion chain H&M will open the first place to sell its homeware collection (bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom), situated in the Parc Central shopping center in Tarragona. Once the retrofitting finished, H&M´s shop will have 2.800 square meters. It will be one of the biggest and the best equipped in the country. That justifies the city choice in order to install H&M Home inside a three-store shop.

(…) After Tarragona – where about 25 people will find a job – the company foresees other openings of this line in several spots in Spain. (…) Also, the Swedish group invests in renovation of its existing shops, beginning with the ones located at 2 Plaza Norte Street in Madrid, at 2 Gran Vía Street in Barcelona and 2 Plaza Mar Square in Alicante (…).

The textile company earned on its 150 establishments in Spain 4% more in 2012, reaching 683,255 millon Euros. (…) Last year, in Spain only, it opened 13 new establishments and closed 3. (…).


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Barclays to Sell More Offices

31/01/2014 – Expansion

 The bank announced yesterday the leave of Jaime Echegoyen, the CEO of the entity in Spain since 2011. (…). He will be substituted by Antonio Castro and Claudio Corradini.

The group pointed out that the bank´s restructuring has practically come to an end. Now the entity aims at focusing on clients of high-income and premium rents. 890 employees have already been dismissed and 160 branches deregistered, among which 146 offices have been closed and 14 sold to Caja Rural from Castilla – La Mancha.

Nonetheless, the financial sources claim that Barclays might keep reducing its retail network and sell more offices in lots similar to the one sold to Caja Rural. Barclays denies conduction of any operation right now, however some movement could be observed by the end of the year. (…).


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Mango to Open Mega Shops in Madrid´s Golden Mile

31/01/2014 – Expansion

 Fashion brand Mango announced yesterday acqusition of two properties in Madrid with view on opening new shops.

The two buildings are situated in the most vivid commercial areas of Madrid: on Serrano and Orense Streets. In the Milla de Oro madrileña, Mango bought the buling at number 60, of 8.100 square meter space that has already changed the owner in summer. That time, the British fund Meyer Bergman paid 50 million Euros for it to La Caixa that left the ground floor premises of 2.500 m2 soon after.

There, the company chaired by Isak Andic will place its traditional clothing lines plus its new Mango Kids, Mango Sport&Intimates and Violeta by Mango. The fashion brand is said to have paid 60 million Euros for the property, advised by Cushman & Wakefield. (…).

The Orense Street

The other building acquired by Mango is located at 13 Orense Street. It has got 3.000 square meters of space, 2.500 of which are destined for sales.

Both shops will be opened in September 2015 (…).

The purchases add to other investments of Mango in Bilbao (the acquisition of old premises of BBK on the Gran Vía Street for 40 million Euros).

The Spanish textile group close the fiscal year 2012 with sales of 1.691 millon Euros, about 20% more, and the net gain of 113,4 millon Euros.


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Macro Hotel Operation in Plaza de España

31/01/2014 – Expansion

After the investment drought in Spain, the real estate projects revive, especially in Madrid. The City Council decided to convert the Plaza de España Square into a hotel spot. The idea has been already picked up by four investor groups. The new vacancies will be brought mainly to the old Hotel Plaza, the Torre Madrid, the buildings situated at the numbers 3, 4 and 5 and the old trade premises of the Compañía Asturiana de Minas, (…).

“In light of the heat of the nascent economical recovery and the confidence that the square will be thoroughly renovated, the buildings surrounding the square, now unused, will become an object of desire”, say sources with knowledge of the session. (…).

This hotel macro project can provide more than 1.000 new hotel beds in the Spanish capital. The investment seems quite large if one considers addition to the 45.000 existing ones.

Hotel in Torre Madrid

Last week, the City Hall granted a hotel licence to open a 10-store hotel inside the Torre Madrid building which will be developed by Metrovacesa. (…) Right now the hotel has got 14 floors and the 4 remaining stores will be transformed into private houses. The developer plans creation of 259 rooms on  22.200 square meters. (…).

(…) The buildings at 3, 4 and 5 Plaza de España Square have been vacant since October 2012 and demolished. (…) The VP Hoteles Group obtained a licence for construction of a 4-star hotel, with 302 rooms on 20.000 square meters. (…).

The third project targets at number 8 of the spot, a building hosting Compañía Asturiana de Minas firm before. It belongs to the Mutua Madrileña. (…). The Teatro 1898 Group is interested in developing the unit. (…).

The last building is the most emblematic in all the Plaza de España Square: the old Hotel Plaza. The front part is owned by the real estate branch of Grupo Santander that acquired it in 2005 after paying 400 millon Euros to Metrovacesa. (…). The recession botched the plan to convert it into dwellings with which Santander charged Foster + Partners and Estudio Lamela Arquitectos studios. The building is a listed one. (…).

At present, the localization is intended for hotels, homes and tertiary sector. (…) The hotel installed there will cover 67.000 square meters of developable space, distributed among 28 floors (…). The property is worth 224 million Euros.

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Blackstone & Natixis Enter Gecina Challenging the Spanish Justice

31/01/2014 – Cinco Dias

Blackstone, one of the biggest private equity company in the world, acquired 22,9% of Gecina´s capital, the largest French real estate firm. The assets taken over by Blackstone have been in hands of Joaquín Rivero and Bautista Soler, that together owned 31% of Gecina. The U.S. firm bought 14,4 millon assets of Gecina, equal to 22.98% of the capital. Also Ivanhoe, Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec fund is taking part in the transaction.

French bank Natixis has acquired another 4,9% of Gecina, also from the two businessmen. (…) Together, Blackstone and Natixis possess 27.8% of the company, apparently more than Metrovacesa, owning 27%.

The acquisition has been approved by a court in Luxembourg, once rejected by a Spanish legal institution. (…).

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De Luna Leaves Sareb & Receives 3-Month Ban on Work Within Sector

30/01/2014 – Expansion

Walter de Luna leaving Sareb news has been officially confirmed. The managing director handed his resignation over to the administrative board of the real estate company yesterday, because of the dissent between him and the chairwoman, Belen Romana.

Due to the resignation, De Luna, earning around half a million Euros anually, will not receive any compensation. The ex-executive received a three-month incompatibility period, during which he cannot be hired by any of the companies related to Sareb. In the last weeks, De Luna has been interviewed by some of the major opportunistic funds interested in investment in Spain.

Sareb has already launched an offer to substitute the ex-CEO. (…).

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Sales Boost by 40%

30/01/2014 – Expansion

During the last year, there have been over 71 transactions carried out by national, and more importantly, international investors on the Spanish real estate market. In total, the investment in the real estate property exceeded 2.896 million Euros, as Deloitte Real Estate informs, that is 39% more than last year.

The rise in investment shall be mainly ascribed to the international investors´purchases in the second half of 2013. As well the improvement in the Spanish economy, fall in the risk-premia, the end of the banks´bailout as the activity of Sareb have reset the Spanish market on the target map of great international investors (the third most attractive spot, according to Knight Frank).

The 3.000 million Euros have been invested in office buildings, trade premises, hotels and logistic platforms but not residential assets purchases. Sareb´s sales of credit lots (Bermuda, Abacus and Elora Operations), dwellings and residential land (Bull) shall be added to the amount. Revenues coming from the sales, rent and collection obtained by the bad bank reached 2.000 million Euros.

In 2013, the direct investment in property was equal to 4.100 millon Euros, 86% more than the previous year, and is comparable to the level of 2008, according to Aguirre Newman (…).


By assets classification, similarly to 2012, the commercial property (buildings, premises and shopping centers) monopolized 55% of the investment, 856 millon Euros according to Deloitte, 135% more than the previous year. Number of transactions doubled (12 in 2013 and 6 in 2012). Among the greatest volume transactions, noteworthy is the sales of the Parque Principado shopping center in Asturias in August. British fund Intu Capital advanced on the Spanish market by acquiring Sonae Sierra and CBRE Global Investors for 162 millon Euros.

Also, locals and buildings of commercial use enjoyed popularity. For example, the two buildings sold by El Corte Inglés: one for 100 millons adjacent to the Cataluña Square in Barcelona, and the other one on the Preciados Street in Madrid for 50 million Euros. (…).

Likewise the last year, the smallest amount of money has been put into hotel and logistic assets: 420 millons and 90 millons respectively. However, the positive points are the two large operations by Blackstone.

In the hotel field, the purchase of the Hotel W, known as “Vela”, by Qatari Diar fund for 200 million Euros to be highlighted. Another worth-to-mention sale was the one of Torre Agbar in Barcelona, bought by chain Hyatt to be converted into one of its hotel.

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Final Report on Banking Bailout Warns About Sareb

29/01/2014 – Cinco Días

The fifth and the newest European Commission´s report on the Spanish banking bail out confirms stablization in the financial sector, saying the banks are faring well in restructuring and improve their solvency. However, Brussels alerts about the challenges faced by Sareb, hurt both by the competence of other entities and a continuous deterioration on the real estate and mortgage market.

The report highlights the retail real estate asset sales of Sareb have increased since May and rose even more in November last year. The European institutions also paid attention to Sareb´s ongoing plan to sell the mortgage loans applied with aid measures for the debtor.

The report, however, weights various risks that might result from the bad bank´s strategy, too. Firstly, the weak recovery of the Spanish economy, that could affect negatively the real estate market. (…) Sareb not only would suffer because of the competition, but also due to the possible conflict of interests, as some of its rivals are also its own shareholders.

Brussels advises Sareb “to continue adaptation of divestments” in light of these risks. Moreover, it requests the Government to keep an eye on the bad bank (…).

Original article: Cinco Días (Bernardo de Miguel)

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