Vulture Funds Hire Bankers to Grow in Spain

Such widely known names as Cerberus, Centerbridge, Apollo, Marathon or Castlelake seek Spanish bankers who would coordinate their investment strategy and help them in search for potential purchases.

The vulture funds stirred the financial job market. The most illustrous example is Sareb, left by Eduardo Boveda for the benefit of the Marathon fund. Moreover, Walter de Luna (ex-managing director) who step down from the ´bad bank´earlier this year will start working with a fund once his 3-month ban accomplished.

Another example might be Francisco Jonet who has been successfully encouraged to join U.S. fund Castlelake, a part of TPG. Also, Bankia lost a very precious director, Juan Bartolomé, together with the sale of Bankia Habitat to Cerberus that included the CEO.

The funds aim at experienced real estate and financial specialists from the sector for supervision of the future acquisitions. Secondly, bankers might utilize their contact networks with advantage for the international investors.

Original article: Expansión (by Jorge Zuloaga)
Translation: AURA REE

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