Villar Mir to Enlarge Colonial´s Capital by at Least €10 Million

Villar Mir Group, the main shareholder of Colonial (24.4% of the stake), is going to contribute with at least €10 million to the additional capital enlargement of €266 million.

The capital injection amount was originally agreed upon €1 billion. The amendment will be officially approved tomorrow at the extraordinary shareholders´ meeting (…).

Grupo Villar Mir has already pledged contribution of €300 million and two other investors, MoraBanc and Santos, another €100 million each. (…)

Apart from Villar Mir, the stake of Colonial is held by Coral Partners (14.7%), MoraBanc (7.5%), Goldman Sachs and Crédit Agricole (4.9% each), Santo Domingo Group (3%) and Fidelity International (3.38%).

The listed real estate company managed to save its French branch, SFL, and obtained refinancing for €2.1 billion debt.

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