Two New Socimis Will List On The MAB Today

Two new Socimis are going to debut on the Alternative Investment Market (the MAB) today – Inversiones Doalca, which will list on the market at a price of €26.81 per share and Jaba I Inversiones Inmobiliarias, which will list at €1.03 per share.

With these new additions, 49 companies will be listed on the MAB, of which 15 will be Socimis.

The Board of Directors of the MAB, following a favourable evaluation report from the Coordination and Incorporations Committee regarding (the companies’) compliance with the applicable requirements, has approved the incorporation of the companies Inversiones Doalca Socimi and Jaba I Inversiones Inmobiliarias Socimi today, Friday 11 March.

On the basis of the valuation report prepared by the independent expert Grant Thornton, Doalca has set a benchmark value for each of its shares at €26.81, which values the company as a whole at €162.8 million.

The company’s investment portfolio comprises 11 properties, including 5 office buildings (3 in Madrid and 2 in Barcelona). It is currently in the process of requesting a lience to convert one of its office buildings in Barcelona into a hotel. In total, the company’s portfolio has a constructed surface area of 42,315 m2 and a total leasable surface area of 32,321 m2.

Meanwhile, Jaba I Inversiones Inmobiliarias, will list on the MAB at €1.03 per share which represents a total market capitalisation for the company of €18.9 million, on the basis of the valuation report prepared by the independent expert Aguirre Newman.

The company’s current portfolio of real estate assets comprises four office buildings in Madrid and Barcelona, such as the office building on Calle María de Molina in Madrid; another one in Arturo Soria, which is leased to the DGT and Vodafone; an office building in Sepúlveda (Alcobendas) and another one in Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona) leased to Gas Natural.

The company has 14 tenants. Its two main tenants occupy 49.25% of the total available surface area and account for 52.36% of its total rental income.

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