Spain´s Top Expensive Streets

Althought the views on the Paseo de Miraconcha in San Sebastian make you stop and stare, the price of 9.453 €/sqm will probably prevent you from permanent stay. As data gathered by portal shows, this is the most staggeringly expensive street in Spain in terms of house purchase.

In general, the most costly Spanish city offers homes on average by 23% more expensive than the properties found along the second top street in the country: the Passeig García Fària in Barcelona. Prices in this privileged area reach 7.303 €/sqm, by almost €350 more than houses on the Passeig de Gràcia, the second in Barcelona´s and the third in Spain´s most expensive streets ranking.

A bit lower prices may be found in the streets crossing Madrid´s “Golden Mile”, namely the Velázquez, the Ortega y Gasset and the Serrano Streets. Homes there cost between 6.260 and 5.962 €/sqm. The seventh top is also situated in Madrid. The Almargo Street does not abate prices below 5.934 €/sqm.

Coming back to the Basque Country, Bilbao´s Paseo Uribitarte running along the Nervión river offers dwellings for mean 5.723 €/sqm.

The Sentmenat Street in Barcelona (5.598 €/sqm) and the Pintor Rosales Street in Madrid (5.450 €/sqm) close the top-10 ranking.

At least 40 properties sold on each street were analyzed to compare prices and to draw the classfication.

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