Sareb´s Harvest Portfolio Sales Progress: 2.000 Hectares of Rural Land Sold Since September

28/01/2014 – Idealista

Divestment of Sareb´s assets takes on shape, even if sales of some of them are considered skeptically. Harvest Portfolio is a great example. It consists of 35 rural lands of 6.200 hectars in total, divided among 19 autonomous communities. BNP Paribas Real Estate, one of the companies commercializing the lands, has sold about 32% of the portfolio´s hectares. Sareb put the porfolio on sale at the beginning of September with prices oscilating around 150.000 and 3 million Euros.

The Harvest Project involves the best quality rural land of Sareb. (…).

BNP Paribas Real Estate sold 2.000 out of 3.500 hectares assigned to Sareb. (…) The bank says that projects on living stock and agriculture arrangements proliferated.

According to the catalogue, most of the assets are situated in Extremadura and the Valencian Community provinces. What is more, there are other land under commercialization process in Tarragona, Ciudad Real and Murcia. The surface size ranges from 460 hectares and 84.000 m2.

At the beginning, Sareb put on sale a Harvest Project containing 22 non-developable rural lands of 5.700 hectares. (…). The selling price has been reduced by 50%.

Source: Idealista