Sareb´s Directors Head to London to Invite Investors

The managing board of Sareb (Spain´s bad bank) rushed to the British capital to present its 2014 targets and invite local investors to take part in upcoming auctions organized by the Governmental entity.

Belén Romana (the chairwoman) and Jaime Echegoyen (the CEO) are going to tell about new “Ibero Project” on Sareb´s assets management which will surely involve participation of such international funds like Apollo, Cerberus, Centerbridge, Blackstone and Kennedy Wilson.

Last year, when Walter de Luna was still in the office of the chief executive, Sareb took the same step in search of investors. The bad bank´s property including repossessed assets and non-performing loans attracts attention of around one hundred funds.

Apart from the Ibero Project presentation, Sareb will analyze current situation on the Spanish property market and tell in detail about the auctions prepared for the forthcoming months.

To learn more about the Spanish bad bank, visit our SAREB section.

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