Sareb to Grant 2.000 Houses For Social Renting to All Autonomous Communities

Sareb is ready to award “temporarily” up to 2.000 dwellings to autonomous communities so that they could rent them at affordable prices to people in need, such as eviction victims or other residents with limited income.

This is how the PP puts it in an amendment presented to the Socialist Movement as an answer to the question asked by the Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos at the report on Sareb´s first year of lifespan. (…).

The debate crosses over with the recent decision of the regional Government of Andalusia to open two cases against Sareb, concerning subsidized houses.

(…) Sareb is obliged to present all the information about its portfolios juxtaposed with market price development.

Moreover, the Socialists claim that the financial entities holding about 55% of the bad bank are using “aggresive strategies and huge discounts” in asset sales, especially the real estate ones, thus to prevent it the managing board of Sareb is ought to defend general interest and avoid internal disputes. Also, the PSOE asks the bad bank to provide the Parliamentary Commission of Economy with a quarterly report on its management accounts (…) and prepare a biannual one for the Courts.

What is more, the PP reminds that the Government shall “ensure meeting the requirements” of Sareb´s targets with “professional and transparent management support”. (…).

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