Registrars: Prices Declined 1.7% in the First Quarter

In the first quarter of 2014, housing prices fell 1.7% in comparison to the same period in 2013. The data has been provided by Spanish Association of Property Registrars.

As per the information, in quarterly terms the prices increased by 0,84% that according to the registrars confirms the upturn in tendency.

Since the maximum levels, the houses cheapened by 32.7% with comparable prices noted down in 2003.

Moreover, the number of transactions showed 83.022 sold units, that is by 14.4% more than in the last quarter of 2013

Over the past twelve months, 311.400 purchases were registered. New houses played the main role in 37.731 (45.44%) of them with slight quarterly appreciation of 14%. In this group subsidized houses constituted 5.19% of the total. In turn, used houses were acquired 45.291 times (54.56%) with a 14.7% rise.

The biggest number of properties found a new owner in Andalusia (16.336), Madrid (13.026), Catalonia (12.190) and the Valencian Community (11.996).

Foreign purchasers bought 12.23% of all sold houses. Britons lead in the ranking with 14.31% of the total of acquisitions carried out by the overseas buyers, followed by the French (11.37%), Russians (8.79%), Germans (7.82%), Belgians (7.36%) and the Swedish (5.94%).

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