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Qatari Diar fund buys Hotel W in Barcelona for 200 million Euros.

The owners of Hotel W in Barcelona – OHL, FCC, Comsa-Emte and BCN Godia – came to an agreement with Qatari Diar fund on selling the building for 200 million Euros. (…)

The sale is only awaiting the approval of the Port Authorities of Barcelona (APB) that own the land, and the transaction could be brought to an end within few days.

(…) The hotel, known as “hotel Vela” (Spanish word for sailboat – trans.) due to its form and being situated at the seafront, was opened in October 2009 by the New York chain Starwood (…).

Designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, the building has got 27 floors and 473 rooms, and its construction consumed 200 million Euro investment. (…).

Source: La Vanguardia

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