Pre-Owned House Prices Declined 7% in April

According to a report by portal, April marked an average price of a used housing unit at €1.698 per square meter, that is by 7% less than the 1.826 €/sqm registered in the same month last year.

What is more, these prices dropped by a mean of 0.3% in regard to the previous month, the most acutely in the Canary Islands (-3.4%), Cantabria (-2.7%) and La Rioja (-1.8%).

The only regions where the prices went up on monthly basis were the Balearic Islands (+0.6%), Catalonia (0.4%), Murcia (+0.3%) and Madrid (+0.1%).

When it comes to prices per square meter, the Basque Country does not give up the leadership with 2.815 €/sqm, followed by the Community of Madrid (2.635 €/sqm) and Catalonia (1.898 €/sqm).

On the other end of the ranking one may find Castille-La Mancha (1.025 €/sqm) Extremadura (1.061 €/sqm) and Murcia (1.068 €/sqm).

The number of regional capitals where prices dipped down by more than 40% since the real estate bubble burst rose to 17.

The most abrupt slump was registered in Lleida (-54.8%). On the other hand, in such cities as Ourense the prices fell by “mere” 15.2%.

Original article: El Economista (after: Europa Press)
Translation: AURA REE

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