Optimism Makes a Stay in Hotels Again

20/01/2014 – Cinco Dias

At the inauguration of Fitur, the biggest Spanish tourism trade fair, the sector boasts of the growing number of visitors. Exceltur points out closing the 2013 fiscal year with 60.4 million international tourists staying in Spanish establishments (…).

The results of an anonimous survey carried out among businessmen within the sector shows that 54.1% touristic offices registered losses in sales in 2013 and 54.8% in their performance, taking into account the previous year´s declines.

Nor is the great number of tourist seen in the mean expense per tourist, that according to predictions will go down by 1.5% in 2013, to €746. As Irea informs, all the cities noted down decrease in visitors´number im terms of sightseeing, except for Barcelona and Malaga. When it comes to holidays on the beach, 72.6% of hotels located on the sea shore registered rise. The most frequent tourists were the British and the Russian.

Although we lack official confirmation, the Riu hotel is said to outstrip the Meliá chain in billing ranking. Thus, the Riu Hotels & Resorts earned in 2013 about €1.472 million. And the Meliá Hotels Internacional, as a listed company obliged to provide reports every three quarters, declared revenues of €1.067,6 million in the first nine months of 2013. (…)

In turn, the NH Hoteles (also listed) registered 2.8% losses by October 2013 with €951,8 million.

They are followed by the Barceló and the Iberostar, that have not made their accounts from 2013 public yet. Just after them there are the Grupo Piñero and the Palladium Hotel Group with slightly lower performance than a year earlier (…).

(Data from 2012) The Meliá wins in the room number battle: 90.831 rooms distributed among 351 establishments. The number two is the NH Hoteles with 58.195 rooms in 379 hotels. (…) Moreover, the Meliá has recently enlarged its accommodation offer by two establishments in China (…). Behind them are: the Riu, the Barceló, the Iberostar and the Palladium Hotel Group.

Altogether, the mentioned hotels create 160.000 work places all around the world.

Mood within the sector is rather optimistic. 78.9% of the hotels foresees increase in sales in 2014 and 74,6% hopes to improve the revenues. (…).


Original article: Cinco Días (Laura Salces)

Translation: AURA REE