N+1 Joins Real Estate Frenzy Sparked by Etienne Marcot

The most recent project of financial servicer N+1 involves support from one of the most illustrous real estate experts, the French Entienne Marcot, who gained his professional experience in such leading firms as StamGecinaCredit Mutuel or Banque La Hénin.

Previous experience in diverse international projects (Alpina, Trinova) and growing appetite for Spanish real estate encouraged N+1 to work on launching an investment platform of European level. The project is being coordinated by José Antonio Abad, and the main target of the firm will be to answer exisiting real estate demand in the four European giants: Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and France.

The new platform will create a conventional investment fund regulated by management accounts, called  N+1 REIM. The structure will allow greater flexibility for investors yet not operating on the aforementioned markets.

This way, local teams will enhance transactions on their markets, while Entienne Marcot´s team will coordinate matching institutional investors from all around the world with emerging opportunities, both in terms of asset type and operation volume. The flexibility will allow expanding the company´s performance and risk profile by adding other products like trading premises, hotel and residential assets apart from offices.

Since the beginning, the platform N+1 REIM will manage €1.2 billion in assets, deriving from 38 properties administered by Alpina and Trinova (…). Average yield is expected to reach 15%. This is an indispensable benchmark required to compete in the global market. (…).

Original article: El Confidencial (by Carlos Hernanz)
Translation: AURA REE

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