Madrid Challenges Illegal Tourist Apartments

Across the Community of Madrid, around 20.000 apartments are being rented to tourists (…) without any minimum-requirement for standards to be met.

(…) Hotel and hostel owners are trembling with fear that the new regulation could ´multiply the supply instead of cutting in it, like it happened in Barcelona´.

The blueprint for the document drafted by the Employment, Tourism and Culture Department (probably to be approved in June) raised allegations throughout the entire sector and other provinces. Principally, they concerned a fixed minimum renting period and the obligation of renting an apartment in whole, never a single room.

(…) In general terms, the basic goals of the decree are to ´guarantee rights for the guests´ and ´to avoid unfair competition´. Once the regulation in force, the Community of Madrid could run inspections ´equally of hotels and guesthouses´and penalize establishments where abnormalities would be detected.

However, other requirements, like the obligation of having a licence accordingly to activity issued by the City Council are at discretion of each municipality. (…).

The Government of  Ignacio González would rather take decisions calmly in order ´not to share the fate of Barcelona´, where currently the tourist apartments are explusing local people and raising prices´.

Therefore, the Madrid Hostal Association, having 17.000 beds, pleads ´common sense´ to put an end to ´unfair treatment´and ´cheating the Social Security´. The Association´s chairman Jesús Martín complains that ´we must compete with companies promoting themselves without any legal or standard control´. (…) Although the local police has alrealy started investigations, many people are afraid to report the illegal practice. (…).

Original article: El Mundo (by Marta Belver)
Translation: AURA REE

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