Losantos Sells Two Properties in London For €120 Mn

Mario Losantos, investor and the founder of Allegra Holding and the ex-owner of real estate manager Riofisa, has just sold two office buildings situated in London.

One of them, found in the Covent Garden area, was sold for 19 million pounds (23.8 million euros) to English Rose Estates last week, whereas the other called Seven Dials Warehouse is at the verge of becoming the property of CBRE Global Investors for 80 million pounds (100 million euros). To illustrate, Riofisa paid 60 million pounds (25 million euros) for the industrial complex from 1890. In total, capital gains of Losantos may amount to €40 million.

Over the past years, Allegra has invested €220 million in the London real estate. At the moment, the company owns three buildings in the English capital, two of them offices and one residential.

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