Hoteles HUSA´s Supplier Fed Up With Gaspart´s Debt

The company´s name is Alterna Solutions. Tired of empty promises made by Joan Gaspart, it has reported that the Hoteles HUSA owes it more than €100.000 and therefore has forced the tender the company needs due to its €150 million liabilities payable to Public Administrations and suppliers. (…).

Conscious of the house of cards that HUSA became, Alterna Solutions applied for its tender through a law firm Martínez-Echevarría. It is predicted that several other companies to whom the chain shall return money, will take similar steps. (…).

An institution dependent on the regional Goverment of Catalonia, Instituto Catalan de Finanzas (ICF), has always tried to rescue the Hostelería Unida S.A. (HUSA) in fear of risk its liquidation could cast on it. Other creditors of the chain are Catalunya Banc and Banco Santander.

Original article: El Confidencial (Agustín Rivera/Ruth Ugalde)

Translation: AURA REE

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