Fidelity Invests in Hispania

Spanish real estate companies are trendy among international investors. Fidelity International, one of the largest global asset manager, bought a share lot of 950.000 securities (1.89% of the capital) of Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios, listed company of Inversión Inmobiliara promoted by Grupo Azora.

By deed, Fidelity joins other investors like George Soros (holding 18.4%) and John Paulson. Hispania debiuted on the stock exchange market last Friday, with starting price of €10 per share. Before the session ended, it had re-valued by 6.5% to €10.65 per share, therefore reaching overall value of €530 million.

Hispania is the second company that became listed this year. The first was Socimi called Lar España Real Estate of Grupo Lar. Its stock exchange value is €428 million and since its debiut it has appreciated by 7% to €10.7 per share.

Other Socimis (Listed Investment Companies in the Property Market) listed since 2013 are Promorent and Entrecampos. (…).

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