Constitutional Court Endorses Suspension of Navarre Housing Law

The Constitutional Court once more intervenes in the legal arrangements of autonomous communities that establish their own regulations to manage problems of empty houses and evictions. The Court supported suspension of the Navarre Right to Housing  Act (…).

The Act, in force since July 2013, states that a property that is a subject to debt execution and eviction may be seized with use of force. (…) This is not the first case of law suspension. The Supreme Court had to paralyze the Andalusian law in January this year. (…).

The Constitutional is keeping a tight rein on such independent initiatives (…). Not long ago Catalonia approved a tax on empty homes owned by banks.

(…) The legal institution defends suspension of the Navarre law with three solid arguments. Firstly, application of doubtful law could provoke a counterproductive effect and hamper restructuring of Spanish banks. Secondly, it could disable viability of fragile financial entities and make it impossible for Spain to meet requirements imposed by Europe. Moreover, damage done to the city residents must be restricted. (…).

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