Catalonian Government As One of Husa´s Main Creditors

The hotel chain Husa Hoteles chaired by Joan Gaspart owes more than €200 million to various companies. About 40% of the debt corresponds to the Treasury and the Social Security, 30% of it to suppliers and owners of other hotels rented by the chain and 30% to financial institutions. Among the creditors there is the regional Government of Catalonia that through Institut Català de Finances (ICF), its creditor branch, used to fuel the debt but now has been left with a €14 million one itself.

Hostelería Unida, the leading company of the group that entered creditors´arrangements last month, accumulates more than €54.8 million debt. Its main creditors are: Banco Sabadell (€14.6 million), Popular (€8.6 million), CaixaBank (€7.9 million) and Deutsche Bank (€7.5 million). In case of ICF, €6.6 million debt has been brought about with the company in tender. (…). Legal institutions are already poring over its books.

At present, the family chain of the ex-president of FC Barcelona manages around 60 hotels. All establishments in its property are valued at €150 million.

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