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Cajamar Sells Cimenta2 For €225 Mn to Haya Real Estate

Cajamar sold its property management and collection firm to Haya Real Estate for €225 million, as the CMNV (Spain´s Stock Market Commission) told today.

Precisely, the purchaser will manage and market all assets belonging to the cooperative bank and Cimenta2 over the next 10 years. The deal includes the servicer´s staff transfer as well.

Cajamar´s loan portfolio is said to be worth of €7.3 billion and the ownership will remain in the bank´s balance sheets.

CEO of Haya Real Estate Francisco Lamas assures the transaction allows the firm to meet targets set for the future (growth on the market) and proves quality of the work of the company.

Original article: Expansión (after Europa Press)
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