Barcelona: 75% Hotel Occupancy Lingers Despite Supply Increase

12/02/2014 – Expansion

“They are very promising numbers”, Jordi Clos from the Barcelona Hotel Association pointed out today. Last year, the hotel occupancy showed 75% (in 2012 it was 74.71%) and the mean price per room rose by 50 cents to €109.57.

He also made a remark that “the numbers might not reflect reality”, as last year the accommodation supply in Barcelona boosted significantly.

In 2013 alone, 11 new hotels with 999 rooms and more than 2.000 beds, and additionally 4.500 rooms in holiday dwellings cropped up within the city. Thus, the total number of new accommodation units in 2013 reached the number of 5.500. Without the upsurge, the mean occupancy would be set at about 80%.

(…) The city absorbs the new establishments without trouble. In the next three years, 17 new hotels are to be opened, ranging from 1 to 5 stars of luxury, with 1.891 rooms and 3.783 beds.

The most considerable runup will be witnessed in 2014, when 12 new establishments will open their doors, offering 832 rooms and 1.618 places, mostly in the Eixample district. In 2015, 3 new hotels are to aapear, whereas the following year – merely 2 units.

At the moment, there are 365 hotels with 34.453 rooms and 67.567 beds in Barcelona (…).

In order to improve its services and facilities for tourists and general international image, the Catalonian capital is considering lifting the Sunday and festives work ban, describing it as “senseless”. Moreover, illegal sales prevention measures will be undertaken.

Tourist tax allowed Catalunia to collect more than €34.3 million and almost a half of it, €16.3 million has been raised by hotels. (…). All the money will be spent on the promotion of the city among tourists.


Original article: Expansión

Translation: AURA REE