Azora Pushes Hispania Towards Flotation

Hispania, Azora´s investment trust, shortened demand prospecting period and signed an underwriting contract that will permit it to become listed.

Next step will be having a suscribtion application confirmed, public deed executed, closing an increase in share capital, signing up at the Mercantile Registry and awarding assets. Once all accomplished, this Friday new asset negotitations will be run.

Four days later, on Tuesday, the offer will be liquidated and on April 13th the “green shoe” option for coordinating entites that have been previously granted 5 million shares will expire.

Initial offer size is fixed at 50 million shares issued for €10 each that altogether raises the starting company value to €500 million. Hispania´s ticker will be HIS.

The release is calling attention of illustrous international investors, such as Paulson, Moore Capital, APG, Cohen & Steers and Canepa.

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