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Armonea Acquires Several Nursing Homes In Spain

5 December 2016 – Inmodiario

Gesvalt has advised Armonea on the acquisition of several nursing homes in Spain. This operation forms part of the expansion strategy that Armonea is undertaking across Europe.

Gesvalt has performed analysis of each one of the nursing homes from a technical-operational perspective (Technical Due Diligence), as well as from a financial standpoint, including a detailed study of the market in which each centre operates.

Similarly, Gesvalt has provided advisory services with the aim of optimising the operation and ensuring its efficiency. In this way, it has assigned a value and price recommendation in each casez.

Gesvalt’s advice to the client has been conducted from different perspectives, including: estimates of the property values, comparisons with similar transactions and identifying risks with a view to future financing. (…).

Armonea is European group that specialises in the provision of care and services for elderly people. It is the largest independent supplier to the healthcare sector in Belgium. (…). It has more than 37 years of experience in the sector, owns 82 centres and employs 6,000 staff who care for more than 9,000 elderly people. (…).

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Translation: Carmel Drake

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