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Golden Visa Program Raised €48.5 Million in September
14 October 2019 The investments raised through Portugal’s golden visa program rose by 29.7% in September to 48.5 million euros, for a total of more than 600 million euros in the year to date. Of the total investment raised in September, €41 million came from the real estate acquisitions while the remaining 7.4 million euros stemmed from capital transfers. Last month, the government granted 75 golden visas, 67 through real estate acquisitions and eight through capital transfers. In almost seven years, since the government launched the golden visa program in October 2012, total investments reached 4.85 billion 65 euros, with the acquisition of properties accounting for €4.38 billion. The Portuguese granted the most visas to Chinese investors (4,396), followed by Brazilians (829), Turks (366), South Africans (314) and Russians (283). Original Story: Economia Online Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner
RAR Imobiliária Invest €70 Million in Two New Developments
14 October 2019 RAR  Imobiliária will invest a total of nearly 70 million euros to build two new developments. The first is Novo Parque, in Matosinhos, an investment of €22 million. The other is a €45 million venture in Oeiras. The real estate developer will build 70 new flats in the Novo Parque project. RAR will also go ahead with another luxury project: the Quinta São José de Ribamar, in Oeiras. The development will consist of 22 homes, including 12 new houses and ten renovated flats, for a total investment of 45 million euros. Original Story: Jornal de Negócios Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner
Developers Invest €55 Million in ValRio Terrace Apartments in Olivais
14 October 2019 Habitat Invest and Solyd Property Developers are investing €55 million in the development of two new apartment buildings called the ValRio Terrace Apartments. The apartments are located at Avenida de Berlim, in Olivais, Lisbon. The two buildings will have a total of 155 one- to four-bedroom flats and two stores. The first apartment block has been under construction since April. The first phase of sales began in September. Prices start at €204,000 for a one-bedroom flat. Original Story: Jornal Econômico - Rodolfo Alexandre Reis Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner