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AUMs at Portugal’s Real Estate Funds Fall Slightly
28 July 2020 – Portuguese Real Estate Investment Funds (FII), Special Real Estate Investment Funds (FEII) and Property Management Funds (FUNGEPI) had €10.435 billion in assets under management as of last month, a fall of 0.08% m-o-m. According to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the amount invested in FIIs remained practically unchanged at €7.632 billion, while AUM in FEIIs fell 0.23% to 2.435 billion euros and by 0.2% in FUNGEPIs. Original Story: Idealista Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner
M Capital to Invest €113 Million in Real Estate
27 May 2020 According to the UK’s Montague Property, its new investment fund, M Capital, will be officially launched next week. The fund will have 113 million euros available to finance high-yielding real estate projects, much of it in Spain and Portugal. The fund intends to invest its capital by providing financing to buyers looking to acquire existing luxury properties; by financing the development of new projects; and, by extending developer loans in markets that lack those types of loans, such as Portugal, Spain and France. The fund will focus on high-yield investments, offering returns within a three- to five-year horizon, according to the same publication. In addition to providing financing to third parties, M Capital will act as the investment arm of Montague Property, based in London. Original Story: Idealista Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner
Lisbon to Accelerate €620 Million in Public Investment
27 March 2020 Mayor Fernando Medina of Lisbon announced that the city would accelerate plans for public investment worth a total of 620 million euros. The figure corresponds to current and future public tenders, including many that were previously planned for the second semester of 2020.  in the first half of this year and also those scheduled for the second half. The decision is aimed at mitigating the effects of the coronavirus. Possible investments include the construction of health centers, long-term care units, daycare centers, schools, housing, green infrastructure, public spaces, the sanitation system, mobility, and tourism. Original Story: Diário Imobiliário Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner