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The main real estate developments in Milan in 2019
31 December, Urbanfile The real estate activities in Milan in the year just concluded had been thriving, starting from the announcement of the construction of a fourth tower (maybe a fifth one too) in City Life. Moreover, the masterplan for the rail yards Farini and San Cristoforo was presented. In Cascina Merlata, the first apartment building of the Uptown district was inaugurated. The building in Via Cordusio n. 2 was requalified to accommodate the first Uniqlo store in Italy. Finally, Torre Galfa will soon re-open following the requalification works by Unipol. Source: Urbanfile Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Milan: Hines and Coima competing over Scalo Romana
17 December, Corriere della Sera Considered the most interesting area in Milan, the tender for the rail yard Scalo Romana will be launched in January 2020 and will see Hines and Coima among the main competitors. It’s still not sure whether the tender will be for the land only or whether the winning candidate will also be appointed for the masterplan. The area is meant to host the athletes for the Olympics games and will be later reconverted into student residences. Source: Corriere della Sera Translator: Cristina Ambrosi