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alternative Assets News: Italian Real Estate Intelligence

Sagitta SGR acquired 37 photovoltaic plants in Italy
06 January, Finance Community Sagitta SGR (Arrow Global Group) completed the first acquisition of its closed-end real estate investment fund Obton Italy, whose investor, Obton, operates in the European market of photovoltaic power plants. The acquisition concerns a portfolio of 37 photovoltaic power plants, already implemented and connected to the grid, located throughout Italy and leased to various SPVs. The operation was carried out through a 100 million € financing project from Natixis, UniCredit and UBI Banca. Source: Finance Community Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Aquileia Capital sold a barrack building in Varese on behalf of Immobiliare Stampa
29 December, Monitor Immobiliare Aquileia Capital Services (Bain Capital Credit Group) completed the sale on behalf of Immobiliare Stampa of a property accommodating the Carabinieri barrack and residences in Varese for 2.65 million €. The asset consists of two buildings and covers a total surface of over 6,000 Sq m, including external areas. Source: Monitor Immobiliare Translator: Cristina Ambrosi