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Trastor REIC acquired logistics centre in Magoula, Attica

Trastor REIC announced the purchase of a logistics centre in Magoula, Attica.

According to the press release "on 18.09.2019, participating in the procedures of a legal entity special administration asset sale process, Trastor was declared as the preferred bidder for the acquisition of a logistics centre located in the area of Magoula in Aspropyrgos, Attikis. The acquisition price of this property is€ 1,100,00. The Company will further inform the investing public when all required formalities have been concluded".

TRASTOR acquired logistics center in Aspropyrgos, Attica

Trastor acquired a logistics center of 5,678,86 sq.m. in the area "Melissia" in Aspropyrgos. The price amounted to 3,073 m. The property consists of a ground floor storage and office floor and it is leased to Seagull Diametaforiki Emporiki SA.

The CEO of the Trastor, Tassos Kazinos, stated: “With the acquisition of a logistics center in the heart of Aspropyrgos, we are integrating the first Logistics property into our portfolio. Trastor expands its portfolio with a new property category and continues to invest in high-end properties. With carefully thought-out investment moves and unlocking opportunities, we are steadily creating an important portfolio of high-quality real estate with the priority of maximizing returns, further diversifying the portfolio and focusing on the development of the Company. ”